CBS – A Gwinnett County woman is upset after said she found an undesirable item in her 4-year-old daughter’s McDonald’s breakfast on Wednesday morning. Frances Rosario told CBS Atlanta News that she went to the restaurant on Clayton Street in Lawrenceville and ordered two breakfast burritos. “I turned it and I see this piece of jewelry sticking out,” Rosario said. “I’m like, ‘What the heck is this?’” That piece of jewelry appeared to be someone’s now missing nose ring which was just a few bites away from consumption by Rosario’s daughter, Nevaeh. ”My concern was that if something happened and she had swallowed it,” Rosario said. On Wednesday, CBS Atlanta News tried multiple times to contact management at McDonald’s for comment, but the calls were not returned. Rosario remains frustrated by what she sees as a lack of care and concern from McDonald’s as a whole. ”For now, I’m going to stay back from McDonald’s for a little while,” Rosario said.

Fucking love the last quote by this mother: “For now, I’m going to stay back from McDonald’s for a little while.” Read: she’s gonna get breakfast at Burger King now. And it’s not like she even swore off the Golden Arches forever. It’s just “a little while.” Fat people are so priceless. In this case it was a nose ring, but it could have been a dead rat, a razor blade, a grenade, whatever – nothing’s getting her to give up her beloved Quarter Pounders forever. Just a little while. Like I’m sure in a few weeks the food will be 100% jewelry free and I’ll be able to get back to slowly destroying my heart on a path to an early grave. Fucking fatties. Gotta love ‘em.

But how good is McDonald’s breakfast though? Shit is so fucking good. And actually breakfast burritos are my go-to whenever I’m lucky enough to make it in for breakfast. Toss like 3 packets of hot sauce on that shit with some hash browns on the side and that’s a delicious morning right there. And I only eat it when I’m hungover, so truth be told if I found a nose ring in my burrito I’d probably just toss it aside and keep eating. Like whatever, it’s just a nose ring. Eating that would probably be healthier than the actual McDonald’s breakfast anyway.

PS – Apparently fast food workers are striking in New York right now because the average NYC fast food employee makes $11,000 a year. Fuck. I’d put sharp metal objects in the food too if I was making that kind of money.