I don’t like Lebron because he’s definitely a douche in real life. I’m also not a psychopathic hater like El Pres because I fully recognize he’s the best player in basketball and anyone who doesn’t admit that is just lying to themselves. But I understand the criticisms because when you walk around calling yourself the King you better be flawless.

That being said, when you got the 12th man off the bench calling you a choke artist for the world to see after a missed free throw, thats pretty fuckin absurd. I mean if Lebron has any shred of a fierce competitor in him he should come out and drop 1 million points on the Pacers game 4. It reminds me of that classic story with MJ when he dunked on a small dude on the Jazz and their owner chirped at him from the crowd “Pick on someone your own size!” and so next time down the court he threw down on their 7 footer. Its like Reggie Miller throwing up his own choke sign to Spike Lee after Spike talked shit all series and Reggie put a dagger in the heart of the Knicks. Lance Stephenson is just like those two – nothing more than a spectator with absolutely zero fear of openly bashing the leagues MVP.

Any player of Lebron James’ caliber should come out and decimate the Pacers, walk over to the bench and put his nutsack on Lance Stephenson’s head. Now, I don’t forsee that happening at all because Lebron is Lebron, but I just wanted to point out how absurd the disrespect has gotten.