Newser) – We were hoping it had gone away, but John Travolta’s Gropegate lives on: The latest claim is that he once tried to perform a sex act on his Grease co-star, Jeff Conaway. Conaway’s former fiancée tells the National Enquirer that Conaway was asleep at home in the 1990s, and woke up to Travolta giving him oral sex, the New York Post reports. The incident ended their long friendship, she claims. (The incident also spurred the Post to use the regrettable line, “John Travolta just couldn’t resist a quickie with Kenickie.”)

The ex is apparently on a tabloid tour, because she also reportedly told Star that Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston knows he’s gay, and another source claims Preston signed a contract when they entered into their sham marriage. More recent developments:

  • Yet another massage therapist tells the Enquirer he had sex with Travolta in 1997 after a massage at the Ritz-Carlton, and that the actor is “experienced” at sex with men.
  • And accuser No. 4 emerges, a gym employee who claims Travolta “groped and fondled him against his will,” a source tells Radar.
  • Meanwhile, accuser No. 1 may have been dropped by his first attorney, but he’s now hired Attorney to the (People Accusing) Stars (of Stuff) Gloria Allred, People reports.

Man, Travolta just can’t buy a break huh? The hits just keep coming. Latest accusation is that he sucked some dead guy’s dick. How are you supposed to defend yourself on shit like that? If someone just came out tomorrow and said one night John Candy was sleeping in his home and woke up to find KFC sucking his dick, what the fuck do I do? Yea you can easily deny it but the damage is done. Everyone would think I sucked John Candy’s dick. Not like he could come out and say it never happened. Hes dead. It would just be me categorically denying it and nobody would believe me. Once an accusation like that is made, true or not true, you’re fucked.

And it just sounds to me like people keep saying Travolta tried to jerk them off during massages and then they turn around and drop their case. Just say some shit and sue and then say “Nah nevermind” because it probably never happened. Its just an epidemic of people saying Castor Troy/Sean Archer wanted to put his dick/their dick in mouths/hands. What do I know – Travoltas a weird dude and a scientologist and all that shit. Theres a strong chance he does like to grab cock and suck dudes off in their sleep. But its innocent until proven guilty in this country. C’mon. Dude was in Look Who’s Talking. Give him the benefit of the doubt.