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Daily MailLauren Scruggs has revealed for the first time what actually happened in the horrific accident that robbed her of left arm and eye, and changed her life in an instant. The 24-year-old, from Dallas, Texas, spoke on Today about the December 3 accident, where she walked into a still-spinning plane propeller, in the lead up to a Dateline interview that airs Friday November 16 at 10pm. With little memory of the accident, she explained: ‘My dad actually went to look at the plane. I was always taught to get out in front of the wing, but when you do that [with this kind of plane] you’re basically on the propeller. So I think I basically just got out onto it.’ Lauren admits the hardest thing about the accident was loosing her hand. ’It changes your life,’ she said. ‘You appreciate life a lot more, my compassion for people has strengthened, I have compassion I couldn’t have had before. It was a dose of reality, and was hard to see.’ Speaking about living life with only one hand, the fashion blogger and former model said: ‘It’s amazing how your body just does what it needs to do – things that were hard in the beginning a lot easier now. I don’t really think about them now.’ The blonde beauty is also honest in how her injured looks deeply affected her in her interview with Dateline. ’[When I saw myself], I think I just saw the reality of what had happened. I had my eye patch on, I didn’t have my hand, half my head was shaved. I was just thinking, “Wow. How life can change in an instant and how that’s not the way I have looked in the past.”‘

Sexy can I! I’d say Lauren Scrugg is unequivocally the hottest chick to ever be obliterated by an airplane propeller. Still hotter than about 99% of women walking the planet earth. Little bit of a lazy eye but some of the most beautiful people in the history of humankind have a little bit of a droopy eye. And here at Barstool we often as hypothetical questions about the type of girls we’d hook up. One of the classics is would you hook up with a chick with a missing limb. Well Lauren Scrugg could absolutely get it. And it wouldn’t even be like I was lowering myself to her level. It would be like a fucking Home Run hook up for me. Hottest one eyed one arm chick of all time.