Everyone’s got their pet peeves. Big Cat hates cargo shorts, Pres is currently getting blasted by pro athletes everywhere for making a mockery of whatever Lululemon is…mine is guys wearing scarves. Specifically, dudes who wear scarves with no coat. A coat, gloves & a hood or winter hat are the prerequisites if you want to rock neck-warming attire. Otherwise, you’re not that cold – which makes a scarf unnecessary. Throwing a scarf around your neck to be fashionable is easily the most obnoxious, fairy move a so-called man can make. I take this hatred seriously.

But Lenny Kravitz has changed the game. Look at that thing. Just a gargantuan “FUCK YOU” to all the scarf haters. I have to at least respect a guy who destroys all prior levels of blatant obnoxiousness by wrapping a fucking hallway rug around his neck. Shit has to weigh like 40 pounds, too. It’s basically the most manly piece of attire that’s ever existed. Well played, Lenny. You’ve shown me the error of my ways. I guess there’s a place for men wearing scarves with no coats after all.