Guys I got a serious question is this the greatest performance in the history of sign language? I mean this chick has been working around the clock for like 48 hours right now. Just up there doing her little Deaf Dance trying to keep up with Bloomberg’s speeches where he basically tells the City to go fuck itself. I mean for her, this is like Game 7, bottom of the 9th. Having to sign the Mayor of New York’s speech during a natural disaster is like the sign language version of Wrestlemania. I mean you think that she’s ready for when Bloomberg starts ad-libbing and tells everyone “to go eat a sandwich?” For sure not. Chick just has to adjust her game plan on the fly and she’s done it flawlessly. Bottom line is Sign Language Lady’s Hurricane Sandy performance is going down in history along with Jordan’s Flu Game and Wilt’s 100 points.

Now lets watch the poetry in motion