(NEWSER) – Somehow, we don’t see Mitt Romney stumping with his latest endorser: Lindsay Lohan. It seems the starlet is concerned with unemployment—and there are so many jokes to make here about why that might be, we won’t even go there—and that’s why she’s voting Romney, she said last night at a launch party in LA. There’s apparently more to her support for Romney—”It’s a long story, but you’re going to have to wait for that,” she said, though we’re not really sure we want to know. TheNew York Post notes that LiLo—who called President Obama’s victory four years ago “amazing”—tweeted the president last month asking him to cut taxes … for millionaires.

Lindsay Lohan is back to fucking dudes and she’s out of work again, so she doesn’t give a shit about gay marriage anymore and she needs someone to put an end to this unemployment mess. Romney 2012! Makes perfect sense to me.

Just more proof why not everyone in this country should get to vote. You should absolutely have to pass some test first. That way we weed out the coke whores voting Republican and the homeless hoodrats voting Democrat. Cue the motherfuckin music! GOT OBAMA PHONE!