NYDNLindsay Lohan may not be scared of the law, but she’s apparently afraid of Charlie Sheen’s mouth. The troubled 26-year-old actress wasn’t on board when she was expected to kiss the “Anger Management” star during their scenes together in the upcoming “Scary Movie 5,” according to TMZ.com. Lohan reportedly refused to lay her lips on 47-year-old Sheen because she was concerned about the actor’s wild partying past. While some may argue Lohan’s late night antics don’t make her one to judge, TMZ claims the two actors had to sign release forms confirming they didn’t have any cold sores.

I don’t think Lohan was nervous that Charlie Sheen was going to give her herpes. I think she was afraid of what would happen when her strand of herpes combines with Sheen’s strand and creates a super virus that destroys the world. When Lohan’s lips touch Sheen’s there’s an STD explosion similar to that of the Big Bang. The world is consumed by cold sores as the Loheen Virus ravages the planet earth. Its the apocalyptic event the Mayans expected, but Lohan understood the gravity of the situation and backed out. May have saved the human race.