NY PostLindsay Lohan reportedly didn’t want to just imagine everyone in their underwear, she needed to real thing! The “Mean Girls” actress recently shot a topless scene, only after a 10-man crew agreed to strip down to their underwear, TMZ reported today. Lohan is set to star in “The Canyons,” in a plot around sex- and money-hungry Los Angeles 20-somethings. The actress, who went topless for a celebrated Playboy spread late last year, inexplicably freaked over showing off her money makers in front of the crew. The nervous Lohan then took the old advice of imagining her audience in its underwear to a whole new level, TMZ reported. The crew obliged and the scene was shot with no problems.

Its Lohan’s world and we’re just living in it. If she says jump, you say how high. If she says pull out your cock, you pull out your cock. Why? Because she’s Lohan, thats why. She’s a mediocre actress with A+ tits and a slutty demeanor and in this world that equals power.

There’s no chance she was uncomfortable taking her shirt off. She just did Playboy. She’s one of the biggest whores on earth. She just wanted to show everyone who the boss on that set was. I ain’t filming till I see ballsack. And thats the bottom line, because LiLo said so. Dance puppets, dance.