Looks like Tits and Ass can’t even save guys like Cameron Motz

YahooIn a twist that seems ripped straight from the 2005 remake of “The Bad News Bears,” if not the sketch comedy show “Portlandia” or possibly a Lil Wayne rap lyric, a Los Angeles Little League on the verge of ceasing operations because of rising costs and declining revenue was bailed out just before the start of the 2012 season by the least likely of all benefactors — a strip club — only to decide to return the donation after receiving national attention. After receiving significant attention following the initial donation, Lennox Little League officials decided to return the free money, citing concerns that accepting it would be inappropriate. Los Angeles news station KTLA first reported that the donation would be returned.  Without the $1,200, Lennox Little League is again in severe jeopardy of being unable to run a 2012 season. Some 300 children take part in the league, which was scheduled to begin later in March. If the league changes it’s mind again, it can do so with comfort in knowning the Lennox Little Leaguers won’t be forced to wear the Jet Strip logo on their uniforms, as the Bears did for “Bo-Peeps Gentleman’s Club” some seven years ago. Rather, the donation to the Little League comes with no strings attached.

Well that was short lived. Just like many of the lap dances you’ve sat through, the wonderful fairytale of tits and ass saving the summer for 300 youngsters who just wanna play ball has no happy ending. The clock strikes midnight, the sluts go back to working for tips, the kids start playing with hypodermic needles on the playgrounds because the Little League has disbanded, and the carriage turns back into a pumpkin.

Listen this is America folks. People work for their money in all sorts of different ways. And just because the dollar bills from the Jet Strip might have the faint aroma of vagina, perfume, and liquor doesn’t mean it doesn’t buy baseball uniforms and equipment and umpires. It doesn’t mean that those crumpled up singles can’t purchase a summertime worth of memories and moments on the baseball diamond. I don’t care if the fucking dude from Bang Bros with the weird lump on his dick donated the money from his own wallet, let the kids play ball.

PS – The fact that Bo-Peeps Gentelman’s Club made the Bears wear uniforms with their names on it is downright hilarious.