Newsday - Keeling Pilaro, a male field hockey player, was denied permission to play for Southampton High School’s team this fall. In a March 30 meeting and an April 18 appeal hearing, Section XI’s Mixed Competition Committee ruled that the eighth-grader, essentially, proved to be too good a player last season to continue to compete against girls.  Pilaro, 13, had been approved last summer to play at the varsity level. At the time, it was determined that his size (4-6, 82 pounds) wouldn’t put girls at a physical disadvantage. He went on to lead Southampton in scoring with 21 points (nine assists) and the Mariners went 10-7, losing to Rocky Point in the first round of the Suffolk Class B playoffs. “The committee felt that Keeling demonstrated advanced field hockey skills during the 2011 varsity field hockey season which adversely affected the opportunity of females to participate successfully in that sport,” read the Mixed Competition Committee’s report following the March 30 meeting. The ruling was upheld in the April 18 appeal. The contents of the report have been confirmed by Section XI director Edward Cinelli. Southampton athletic director Darren Phillips said the school has requested a second appeal hearing, which has been tentatively scheduled for May 15. Keeling’s parents, Andrew and Fairely Pilaro, said they have threatened legal action. “How do advanced skills prohibit others from participating successfully?” Fairely Pilaro said. “Especially when size, strength and speed are removed from the equation. [The girls’] health and safety have never been in question.”

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