NY Post – The Long Island youth-baseball manager arrested for allegedly stalking an opposing coach shelled out more than $50,000 to personally finance a revenge team that fell flat on its face, The Post has learned. Angered after his own son failed to flourish on the Long Island Infernos traveling baseball team for 10- and 11-year-olds, Robert Sanfilippo used his own money to create and fund the Long Island Vengeance to even the score against his boy’s former squad, a law-enforcement source said. Obsessed with vanquishing the Infernos, Sanfilippo aggressively recruited players in newspaper ads and appealed to kids cut from other teams, sources said. While the players’ parents usually fork out for traveling teams, Sanfilippo — who resides in a pricey Huntington home — footed the entire bill for the Vengeance. “No one could understand why this guy was spending so much money on 10-year-olds,” said another coach. “It was all about revenge.” Sanfilippo faces harassment and stalking charges after he allegedly sent threatening messages to rival coach John Reardon. The pair had argued during a Memorial Day baseball game.While other Long Island teams had modest equipment, Sanfilippo spent like a Suffolk County Steinbrenner. The Vengeance sported top of the line helmets with airbrushed skull and crossbones insignias that cost upwards of $300 each for a team of roughly 20 kids. The squad also provided each player with two uniforms and baseball bags worth hundreds of dollars.

How fucking badly do you want to play for the Long Island Vengeance? Thats gotta be the greatest Little League team in the history of baseball. First of all, your team name is the Vengeance. You know what my team name was when I played in Little League? Sammy’s Fish Box. That fucking sucked. I felt like the kids in the Mighty Ducks when they were “District 5.” Playing for a team named Vengeance would be sick.

Then to top it off you’ve got the best fucking baseball gear in the world. I remember when I got a graphite bat once for Christmas. To this day probably the greatest gift I’ve gotten. I felt like Babe Ruth every time I stepped to the plate with that thing. All the other poor kids were using those plain silver metal bats with the shitty rubber grips that had no texture. Remember those bats? Things fuckin sucked. It was like trying to hit a ball with a steel pipe. And forget about it with the helmets. A shitty helmet could ruin your entire game. There was always like 1 or 2 quality helmets with soft cushioning that fit right. If these were being used you had to resort to the crappy ones that were either too small or too big. Either your brain is being crushed or that shit is bobbling around on your head as you round the bases. Awful. New cleats were a game changer as well. Sporting a new pair of Griffey’s with some Oakley shades and it didn’t matter if you went 0-fer with an error in the field. You looked fucking good doing it.

So I hope to God these kids understand how good they had it playing for Coach Sanfilippo. Like playing on the Yankees of Little League. Trust me kids – once Coach lands in the clink for stalking other coaches and you go back to being District 5, your life is all downhill after that.