LSUDespite the University’s many efforts to rid the campus of glory holes, users continue to persevere. The holes, carved in bathroom stall partitions, are used for anonymous oral sex. The University recently patched the glory hole in the rear men’s restroom of Coates Hall with a piece of sheet metal. It has since been torn and is open for business again. Paul Favaloro, director of Facility Services, said in September that blocking holes with steel plates is how Facility Services combats glory holes, which he called a “recurring” problem. Postings on indicate the glory hole in Coates returned to operation in July. “The glory hole in Coates Hall is up and running again. Traffic has been steady,” July postings on the website said. “[Middleton] is completely shut down, but Coates Hall is once again like it was back in the day.” There have been no postings about the Coates Hall glory hole since July. This is not the first time Coates has had trouble with glory holes, said LSU Police Department spokesman Capt. Russell Rogé in September. Police responding to complaints made a series of arrests in 2001 involving the same restroom in Coates.

Is this website real or is it like The Onion of LSU or something?   I mean I scoped it out and they had this glory hole article sandwiched in between like the men’s basketball team’s score from last night, an article on statewide unemployment rates, and freshman student profiles.   So this is probably the least funny and absolute worst satire site on the internet if that’s the case.  So assuming that this is real it brings me to my next point.  What the fuck is the intrigue of a glory hole?  Like I see these on Youjizz all the time and I don’t get it.   Why in the world would you ever want to get a blow job or fuck somebody through a hole in the wall?   I don’t know about you but the absolute last thing on Earth that strikes my interest is walking into a random bathroom on campus and sticking my bare dick through a little hole not knowing what awaits me on the other side.  I mean what’s the best case scenario?  You get a blow job and you’re not sure if the chick was ugly?   Doesn’t seem like it evens out with the worst case scenario of it being a dude or your cousin or something.  No thanks.    I’ll stick to keeping eye contact on the person sucking my dick and going to sleep at night knowing I’m straight.

PS-  Odds that Les Miles has stood in line at the Coates Hall glory hole at least one time?  Guy’s got sexual deviant written all over him.