For a second I could tell if I was listening to a homophobic priest or if this was audio from the Saints locker room during Bountygate. I mean if I heard one metaphor about taking out the head I would have thought it was Gregg Williams talking about their playoff game against the 49ers. This was almost as passionate as a Ray Lewis pregame speech.

Only problem is it wasn’t to try and motivate grown men to go kill each other on the football field, it was telling crazy Bible Belt parents to beat their kids. There in lies the problem with this rant. Also this dude is so far off base its unbelievable. I pray to God my sons and/or daughters get all mixed up with their gender and do the opposite of whats expected. Think about it – a son that acts girly or a daughte that acts boyish is the perfect blend for you as a parent to do as little work as possible.

A daughter that acts like a boy is fuckin cake. Don’t have to worry about her being a slutty chick and don’t have to worry about guys always trying to bang her. A son is always easier to handle but if he acts a little girly you don’t have to worry about him getting into trouble and partying too hard and acting like a fuckin idiot. I’d love one big ass easy gender confused family to raise. I’m too lazy to raise normal kids.