Last week we kicked off Mad River Summer Thursdays in dramatically drunk fashion. At least I did. I just sat there shoveling O-Bombs into my mouth while tweeting about Lebron embarrassing the Celtics. Barely even remember which smokeshows were behind the bar until my photographer Evan sent me the pictures the next day. Big shout out to smokeshows Alissa and Danielle who got us started right. The madness continues this evening with the hottest chick to ever serve in the Merchant Marines, smokeshow Kim:

And the late shift we’ve got Mad River All Star Danielle, who’s likely to burn the place down if her reputation is true. The managers made it sound like people may not survive the night with her on the sticks.

Heat vs. Thunder tips off at 9:00, right in between both girls’ shifts. $3 bud lights, $5 bombs. Christ its gonna be another bloodbath. 82nd and 3rd