Huff Po – A ravenous leopard in Nepal may have killed and eaten at least 15 people over the past 15 months. On Saturday, the head of a 4-year-old boy was found in the forest near his home in the Baitadi district, CNN reports. The district’s police chief says he fears the boy is the latest victim of a leopard that may also be responsible for the deaths of 13 children and one 29-year-old woman. The spotted big cats do not usually eat humans, but once they start, it’s difficult to get them to stop, said Maheshwor Dhakal of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation in Kathmandu. ”Since human blood has more salt than animal blood, once wild animals get the taste of salty blood they do not like other animals like deer,” he said. Dhakal also said that when the leopard’s victim is a child, typically the head is the only part of the body left behind, according to CNN. Because an adult human body is more difficult to eat, slightly more remains may be left behind. Officials believe the leopard kills its victims before dragging their bodies into the forest to consume. Police believe that only one leopard is responsible for the deaths, and that at most there are only two man-eating animals in the vicinity.

Welp we can cross Nepal off KFC’s list of Places I’d Live. Man eating leopards that have tasted the rich salty blood of humans and can’t go back to deer? Yea no fucking thank you. At this point I’ve narrowed down my list of places I’d live and/or visit to about 4% of the countries in the world:

Basically I’ve narrowed down the places I’m willing to live or travel to:

1. USA (Minus Alaska)

2. The Caribbean (non Hurricane season)

3 Europe (but only the western part and I’m still not thrilled with that idea)

4. Australia (only the big cities, none of that Outback shit)

SUPER X over Africa. Big time X over Asia and India. South America sounds all well and good with Brazilian women and carnivals and shit. But it got guerillas and white people get kidnapped there so, no thanks. Mexico I’d be willing to visit, so that gets the orange X. No chance I’d ever live there though. Central America is a fucking dump. People always rave about like Switzerland and Luxembourg and those places. Talk about how peaceful and prosperous they are. But fuck that, those people are weird. Obviously the Middle East is completely out of the question. And I don’t even know where Nepal is but I’m assuming I covered it with a red X. If not, I’ll clarify – there’s no fucking chance I ever go to a place where flesh eating mountain lions have tasted the sweet salty blood of man and won’t rest until its consumed every human in sight.