Thats right motherfuckers! There’s no typo in there. Most road wins in playoff history. Now I’m not gonna tell you this stat is the end-all-be-all. Obviously we all wanna get to the point where he’s leading this team to division titles and playoff games at home. But the kid is in his 2nd fucking year, and winning playoff games on the road is just about the hardest thing to do in the NFL. He’s not a great quarterback (yet) but there is something special about him. The kid threw for 3 touchdowns in Foxboro on national television during the most anticipated game for the entire season. He hadn’t thrown for 3 TDs since November. But surprise, surprise, you put the kid in a pressure packed situation on the biggest stage with the season on the line, and he performs at his best and wins you the ball game.

A very young, underrated/under appreciated star who doesn’t have the greatest stats but performs in the clutch and wins big time playoff games.

At one point does Mark Sanchez start getting Derek Jeter comparisons? If Mark Sanchez wins himself a ring this year he will be the biggest New York sports star since The Captain #2. Watching him and Rex for the next 10 years is gonna be an absolute blast.