Plain and simple – this is a decision based on the past. The decision to start Mark Sanchez is based on AFC Championship games for 3 fucking years ago. Based on Mark’s performance when he was a different player leading a different team. Based on unwavering, unreasonable loyalty from his head coach. The only sense that this is a move for the future is they know they are stuck with Mark for the foreseeable future so they need to try to milk some value out of him for another season.

If the Jets were looking to the future, McElroy would be the choice. Not in the sense that they believe McElroy will undoubtedly lead them to the promised land or anything delusional like that. It would be more of an understanding and admission that Mark Sanchez is not the ultimate answer, and Greg McElroy is the guy to play quarterback while this team transitions and rebuilds. Even if you’re still of the belief that Sanchez is not to blame and his struggles are a result of the rest of the team around him completely sucking, you gotta admit – at the rate Sanchez is regressing as a player, by the time the O Line and running game and wide receiving core is rebuilt, Sanchez will be truly shot. Mentally and emotionally this guy is a lame duck. Physically he’s not good enough to overcome that. He’ll inevitably lose his job to someone – might as well start now. Might as well start the new regime with a spark and some change rather than holding on to old memories and false hope that this team will magically return to 2010. Mark Sanchez starting is backwards thinking based on sunk costs and pipe dreams. Greg McElroy would be the reasonable, realistic choice to kickstart the rebuilding process for the future.

PS – Its a perfect opportunity for McElroy to build on last week going against the worst team in the league. Again, backwards thinking to say Sanchez can regain some confidence by beating up on one of the worst teams in the League. A) After watching Arizona there’s a chance Mark doesn’t go out there and whoop on Jacksonville and B) even if he does, he’s still a lost cause. A game against the worst team in the league is the perfect chance to ease a 3rd string QB into his career.