Kristen Bell

Anna Pacquin

Alice Eve

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Marry:  Eve

Fuck:  Bell

Kill:  Pacquin

Ever seen She’s Out Of Your League?  That is why I’m marrying the shit out of Alice Eve 1 bajillion times out of 1 bajillion.  What an absolute knockout not to mention the personality of an angel assuming she’s really like that in real life.  I know she’s got a British accent in real life too which kind of sucks but I’ll overlook that in a second if it meant I got to wake up next to her for the rest of my life.   As for Fuck I’ll take Bell but to be honest I’m not insanely attracted to her.  Like she’s hot but there’s something about her that keeps her from being way hot.  Don’t know what it is.  All I know is I’m not a Pacquin fan although I’m sure all you weird True Blood maniacs will be Fucking her all over the place on this one.


Marry:  Bell

Fuck:  Eve

Kill:  Pacquin

I’d kill that True Blood bitch so fast its not even funny. Whats her name in that shit? Sookie or something? Her accent is so unbeliveably bad I can’t even begin to describe how Kill-worthy it is. And another thing – if you’re a dude and you watch True Blood, you need to kill yourself immediately. And spare me all that bullshit “its like vampire porn!” Why don’t you sack up, watch normal television for men, and watch actual porn at the end of the night? Spare yourself the embarrassment of watching TV shows that 12 year old girls like.

Back to business. I love me some Kristen Bell. I used to always debate which chick I liked better in Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Bell or Mila Kunis. Thats some seriously good company in my book. I mean did you see the sex scenes from that movie?

Now for most people this would be Fucking-material, but I’m sick in the head so for me its Marry-material. Which leaves me with Alice Eve to Fuck. Ain’t so bad, huh?