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Just a reminder on the rules of MFK.   You have to make your selections based on their characters in the show, not how they look in real life or any other movie. For example you can’t use Jeanne Tripplehorn from Basic Instinct or Chloe Seveigny from Brown Bunny. Anyway for this one we’re going to kill Barb right off the bat.  I don’t know what’s going on her with lately, she’s drinking now, she wants to be a priest or some shit.  Just totally going off the deep end.  To quote Mike Singletary, “Can’t have it.”   So it’s either Marry or Fuck Nicki and Margene.   Now fortunately for Bill he gets to do both because he’s a practicing polygamist.   Nicki is definitely solid marriage, no question about it, the problem she’s completely fucked in the head from her time on the compound.  The emotional scars run too deep.  The plus side of that is you know she has to be a complete maniac in the sack.  Like everytime she has sex she treats it like it’s her last day on Earth. 

Marry – Margene

Fuck - Nicki

Kill – Barb