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The best part about Sandy is that I’m gonna just settle in and finish catching up on Sons of Anarchy. I’m only a few episodes behind from being completely caught up. So its time that we discuss which women I’d like to marry, fornicate, and murder.

First thing’s first I’m killing the shit out of Gemma. With a lead pipe or a snow globe. Just straight up bashing her brains in. I can’t STAND her. She’s the quintessential chick who wants to be one of the boys. Hey bitch you’re not in the MC! You’re just a fucking Old Lady! Sometime legit gets killed every episode of Sons and its never you. You ruin the Club’s plans like every fucking time. Always getting raped or murdering someone. Getting arrested. Why theĀ fuck did you even need to go to Ireland? So you could be in the way the whole time while Jax and SAMCRO tried to get shit done? You think you’re so fucking smart but you’re not. And I don’t even care that you used to be Peggy Bundy. That gross score down the middle of your tits negates that.

I’m marrying Tara. Tiny brunette with a bit of a wild side, thats right in my wheelhouse. Plus she’s a doctor so she could be my sugar mama. No joke sometimes I compare me and my Old Lady to Jax and Tara. She fucking hates his job and his lifestyle but shes loyal as fuck so she sticks by his side. Only difference is I don’t kill Mexicans and shit, I just creep girls on facebook. Still, the point stands. Tara is a down ass chick who ain’t afraid to get her hands dirty for her man. Old Lady material for sure.

And that leaves me to fuck Opie’s chick Lyla. Sexy little porn star. Easiest fuck ever in the history of MFK.