Anna Kournikova

Caroline Wozniacki

Maria Sharapova

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Marry: Sharapova
Fuck: Kournikova
Kill: Wozniacki

Pretty easy one here.  Sure I think Wozniacki is a sexy little backhanding bitch and was all about her when she burst on the scene.  But that’s also because she was playing like Monica’s Seles dumpy homely looking ass or something.    Stick her in between the 2 hottest chicks to ever lace up their rackets and it’s quite a different story.  Kill her right off the bat which leaves the hardest choice of who to fuck and who to spend the rest of your life with.   Think I’m going to have to marry Sharapova only because our combined heights would be sure to produce a tall, strapping son and I think I’ve made it clear my goal in life is to have an athletic superstar son that I can live vicariously through.   Can’t complain about a one night stand with pretty much the sexiest chick to ever play sports.

Marry: Kournikova
Fuck: Wozniacki
Kill: Sharapova

This is an unfair Marry Fuck Kill if you ask me. Because this is supposed to be a MFK of “Hot Tennis Bitches.” And the reality of the matter is Anna Kournikova is not a hot tennis bitch. Shes a hot bitch who played tennis. Maria Sharapova is a professional tennis player who’s hot. Anna is professionally hot with a sprinkle of professional tennis. Huge difference. Right now, in this MFK, shes like the 14 year old kid playing Little League with the 11 year olds because of the birthday cut off. Just on another level.

So obviously if you can’t tell I’m marrying the shit out of Anna Kournikova. She’s unreal. On another stratosphere in her prime in the Enrique Iglesias music video. I need a life time of sex with her. I’m gonna fuck Wozniacki. Shes a little mega minx. I’ll never forget at the U.S. Open when her bra and booty shorts matched her finger nails and she was grunting and shit. Get it girl. Which means Sharapova is dead. She’s too tall anyway. She looks like she’s 8 foot 5.