Jenn Sterger

Ines Sainz

Hilary Rhoda

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Sluts of the Jets’ Sidelines


Marry:  Rhoda
Fuck:  Ines
Kill:  Sterger

I’m absolutely murdering the shit out of Jenn Sterger. I hate her. She’s just such a dick. Your career is entirely based off of the fact that people want to fuck you, and then when people want to fuck you, its the end of the world and you’re being disrespected? For sure not. Pipe down. If you don’t want to be treated like a sex icon don’t get ridiculously fake tits and pose half naked everywhere. You’re dead.

The only thing I wanna do more than murder Jenn Sterger is F Ines Sainz. Only because I want to feel up on her butt implants and get her to tweet in Spanish about my sexual escapades with her. If you thought the Jets lockeroom made you uncomfortable, come take a ride with me toots.

Which leaves Mark Sanchez’s Sports Illustrated jump off as my wife. I could get down with marrying her. Total smoke and she doesn’t seem like a total asshole like the other two. And I’ll be honest at this point, my marriage standards are pretty much reduced to “Hot” and “not an asshole.” True love.


Marry:  Rhoda
Fuck:  Sterger
Kill:  Sainz

Since all 3 of these broads have at one point been affiliated with the Jets they most likely have an inflated ego and often delusional sense of reality which makes marriage a tough proposition.  Nothing like spending the rest of your life with a chick who thinks she wins Wife Of The Year every single year because she cleaned the house and made a great dinner Week 2 of the marriage then let everything fall to shit.   However going with the lesser of the 3 evils Rhoda is the best choice to marry here.

Obviously Sainz is going to be a popular choice to fuck because of that ass but not for me.  Nope the face is way and I mean WAY too much of a turn off for me.  Sure the ass is a sight to behold but you can only go doggystyle admiring it for so long.  How about any front-facing positions?  Or worse how about when it’s over and the lights go on and the make up is smeared off?  No thanks.  I’ll take that hot nasty slut Sterger who I’m absolutely positive is willing to do anything and everything you want from the word go.