GothamistOne might think that police and security guards are supposed to break up fights that erupt right in front of them, or at the very least get in on the action. But as you can see around the :25 mark of the video below, what appears to be a plainclothes cop (with badge hanging his neck) and a security person of some kind (man in uniform with nightstick) stood by as a man viciously beat another man in Union Square. While other onlookers try to stop the topless attacker, no police intervene.

Uh yea no fucking kidding no police intervene. You wanna fuck with that 9 foot tall Predator look-a-like? Guy looks like Saleh from the Air Up There. When I swore my oath at the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation I swore to protect Union Square from hippies smoking weed and skateboarders and people littering. Nowhere did it say I had to stick my neck on the line for two park dwelling derelicts, one of which may or may not be an intergalactic bounty hunter from outer space or a 7 foot tall African tribesman.

You know what cracks me up? When black people get in fights and they all think they’re Floyd Mayweather. Think they’ve got some fighting stance like they’re a pro. Like this guy with his dukes up looking like he’s working the speed bag at the gym. Next thing you know he’s throwing haymakers at a guy who’s ten feet tall and then he’s on the ground breakdancing like a Ninja Turtle on his shell. I mean yea, granted white guys don’t every put their fists up and they just end up getting punched in the face but its still funny to see these guys stand like they’re MMA pros as they’re slap boxing in the park.