NBC MiamiDejected and down after a devastating loss Tuesday night, the Miami Heat players slowly trudged down the tunnel toward their locker room. But one young fan heard on the game broadcast was sincerely trying to pep up LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and the rest of the team. “Good effort, good job! Good job, good effort!” The face behind that voice is 9-year-old Jack Meyer. “I said ‘Good job, good effort’ and Terrel (Harris) noticed me and gave me a thumbs up,” he said. The video has gone viral, and Jack’s enthusiasm has inspired a twitter account, @goodjobkid, with more than 3,500 followers. Jack has been a Heat fan since he was 3 or 4. He loves to play ball with his dad, and enjoys collecting the team’s memorabilia in his room. His Heat-themed bed is “super cozy,” he says. So when people have the audacity to question whether the young Coral Gables hoops fan was mocking the Heat, the passion in his voice makes it obvious where he stands. “LeBron James was fighting so hard, Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem. Chris Bosh only played 14 minutes, yet one of his best games,” he said. Jack, who was at the game with his father James, hopes his cheers will encourage the team for Game 6. “You can’t give up this easily,” he said. “You know there’s always got to be a second chance for you. You always have the power to win.”

Has there ever been more of a “We’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing at you” moment in the history of humankind? Hey Jack its pretty awesome that you’ve been a big fan since you were 3 or 4 and have a super cozy bedroom, but guess what?

The world hates you, Lebron, Wade, Battier, Haslem, Bosh and the entire city of Miami with the fire of a thousand suns. Truth hurts.

So when the media talks about your enthusiasm and your loyalty and all that other jazz, the rest of the real world just thinks of you as the poster child for a bunch of underachieving losers who think that just doing a good job and giving a good effort is enough. A bunch of guys who are happy with their individual first half performances who can’t even get past Old Man Garnett and the rest of the old folks on the Celtics. But good job getting that thumbs up from Terrel Harris. Good effort.

PS – On a serious note though, not being sarcastic or making fun anymore, good job and good effort with that comb-over flow. Great lettuce. If you weren’t such a bitch rooting for the Heat and talking about your super cozy bedroom I bed you’d be a ladykiller