Daily MailSASHAYING down the runway in a teeny sailor costume, curvy Gemma Cruickshank tips her hat at the judges and gives them a saucy wink. It is a feisty performance that helps the 22-year-old Essex girl, who is a size 22, win the title of Miss BBW International 2012. As she picks up her beauty queen crown later, Gemma’s megawatt smile could not get any wider. But then “bigger is beautiful” is exactly what this event is all about. Gemma has just seen off tough competition from 19 other plus-sized finalists — out of 300 original competitors — in this pageant specifically for Big Beautiful Women.  You might have a pretty face, but to enter Miss BBW International, now in its second year, you also need plenty of meat on your bones. The rules dictate that entrants must be AT LEAST a size 18. The aim of the event is to make larger ladies feel more confident about their curves. And after meeting some of the finalists at last Saturday’s event, at the Marriott Heathrow in London, that message seems to be getting across loud and clear.

I’m not sure how women’s sizes work. But I do know that some hot bitches are a size zero. So this bitch is like 22 times the size of hot chicks. Thats enormous. Absolutely abominable. The aim of the event is to make larger ladies feel confident about their curves but the result is just a celebration of obesity and disgusting gluttony. Might as well have a Miss Diabeetus 2012. But I can’t knock Cluckshank. The old saying is go big or go home and this bitch most definitely went big. If you’re gonna run in a stampede of elephants you might as well be the biggest and baddest bitch in the herd.