“You did the work. You’ve been a whore. You’ll never get rid of that name. They’ll always call you names. So be one.”

BBC – Amsterdam’s oldest prostitutes have been thrust into the spotlight with the release of their memoirs and a documentary film about their lives. The film, Meet the Fokkens, follows 70-year-old identical twins Louise and Martine Fokken as they share secrets of selling sex in the city’s famous red light district.  ”Of course when we were 14 or 15 we never thought we would be working as hookers one day. We were creative and we had dreams,” Martine says. Louise adds: “I always say that my husband beat me into it. He was violent and said he would leave me if I didn’t sell sex to make us more money. ”He was the love of my life…” she says. Martine still sells sex. She says the Dutch state pension alone is not enough to live on. Louise quit because of arthritis. Martine says she would like to retire but cannot afford to. The documentary shows her at work – perched on a stool in stockings, suspenders and patent leather stilettos.  Despite younger competition next door, there is still a market for Martine’s services. She appears to specialise in bondage for older men. Targeting them with things they like to dress up in. Tempting them into her brothel with an array of dangerous looking whips and high-heeled shoes. It seems she has found a niche in the fetish market.  ”We know the tricks, we know what they want. We know how to talk to them and we know how to make them laugh too.” ”Honeybee come to me,” they chorus in English with a strong Dutch accent.

Meet The Fokkens! Your feel good holiday season blockbuster! I hope ABC Family runs this documentary during the 25 Days of Christmas.

Just two old bags who’ve been getting fucked for half a century and don’t give a shit. Letting their freak flag fly. “You’ve been a whore. You’ll never get rid of that name. So be one” might be the most inspirational words I’ve heard since Ray Lewis’ pregame locker room speech. As a matter of fact, the Fokkens are just like Ray and Ed Reed. Been in the game longer than most of the other whores around Amsterdam combined. They’ve forgotten more dicks than you’ve ever taken. They might not be the youngest or the prettiest anymore, but they know all the tricks of the trade. You know when Ed Reed just lays in the weeds, waiting to pick his spot, and then baits the QB into throwing a mistake his way? Thats the Fokkens. They pick and choose their spots – a young dude looking for a sexy leggy blond ain’t their target. But get the old Dutch businessman who looks like he’s into the bigger mature BDSM women and a little ass play and the Fokkens are pouncing. Crafty old vets who can dust off their pussy and dig deep and ignore that gag reflex when the time comes and get the job done. Thats how Hall of Fame Hookers do it.