FoxNewsA mobile celebration for a college-bound 19-year-old took a dangerous turn when the girl fell from a moving party bus, landed on a Minnesota highway and lived to tweet about it — but her friends didn’t exactly flock to her side after she fell. Burnsville police told FOX 9 News they fielded multiple calls reporting a body on the side of the road, but they say passengers aboard the party bus the young woman fell from were conflicted about helping their friend and helping themselves avoid underage drinking charges. Nearly three dozen recent high school graduates rented the “Flirting Flamingo” party bus, Katie Brown flirted with danger when she opened an emergency exit window and fell out onto Northbound 35W. Stunned drivers immediately called 911, but not a single call came from any of Brown’s friends inside the bus. When they finally told the bus driver what had happened, he pulled off at the next exit and called police. By then, more than 20 minutes had passed. Some kids did run back to help Brown, but the bus driver said the majority fled the scene because they were worried about getting in trouble. Out of 35 on the bus, only 11 were left after police were called. Brown was taken to HCMC, where she is listed in satisfactory condition.

You wanna crack open an emergency exit window of the Flirting Flamingo while we’re trucking down 35W doing 65, that’s your prerogative. It’s a party, do you. You know what else is your prerogative? Falling out of the fucking bus and rolling around in the HOV lane. So everyone thinking Katie’s got shitty friends can go fuck off. Anyone who knows anything knows that, if you’re involved in some underage boozing & shit hits the fan, it’s every kid for themselves. I’m too busy bragging about how little Coke I put with my Captain to inform you of the dangers of opening emergency exits in moving vehicles, let alone kill the party entirely to call 911 because you’re a moron. My goal here is to see some pussy, not disappointment on my parents’ faces at the precinct.

Besides, Katie knew the deal. She ain’t mad at ‘em. Just a little bummed about ruining her new outfit and losing a belly button ring while bouncing along the highway. Katie being Katie…