Stop the fight! Stop the fight!

The fight I’m referring to is the fight between my hand and my dick, because I am straight up beating my meat right now. Melanie Iglesias is the most underrated chick on the planet earth right now. She should be on Kate Upton’s level. She’s definitely hotter than her and puts her to shame with the Dougie and the Cat Daddy.

And it doesn’t even matter that this was the most pathetic display of hula hooping I’ve ever seen. This youtube could be called “Melanie Iglesias with a toaster” and it could just be her buttering bread and shit and I’d still have a boner. “Melanie Iglesias with a nail clipper” clipping her toenails and I’d still post it. Just an all around smokestack who knows exactly what she’s doing. Team Iglesias for life!