Top 3 strangest sports parody youtube out there

If Carmelo played as consistent and as good as he has been the past couple weeks for an entire season, he’d be an MVP candidate. Fuck he’d be an MVP favorite. As one of the biggest Carmelo bashers out there, I have no problem admitting that. Nobody has ever questioned Carmelo’s capability. He’s shown flashes of greatness in his career. Its always just been a matter of if he decides to play that way. Just a matter of if he likes his coaches enough and like his teammates enough to play up to his potential.

Well I guess the Knicks have finally figured out what it takes to make Carmelo happy and get him to play like the player they thought they traded for. I don’t know if its Mike Woodson’s beard that looks like its colored in with a Sharpie. I don’t know if its the fact that the Knicks have assembled legitimately the worst point guard platoon in NBA history with Baron Davis/Mike Bibby. None of it seems to make any sense. Probably because none of that actually matters and the reason is just that Carmelo decided to stop playing like a lazy entitled piece of shit. Posts a monster triple double against the Celtics Tuesday night, came out firing and put up 21 in the first quarter last night and ended the game in 12 minutes. And whats fuckin crazy is that he’s actually been playing some defense. Doesn’t matter who stands on the sidelines or which mediocre point guard is running the show, when Carmelo wants to play, he can play.

I’m not fully ready to admit that I was wrong about him. Because I know there will come a time where he’s back to that 19 points on 40% shooting while the rest of the team bends over backwards to cater to him. But for now, ride the wave baby. Guy is playing like a MVP. Love him, hate him, whatever. The Knicks are winning ball games.