Free at last, Free at last, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, WE ARE FREE AT LAST!

Welp looks like I’m gonna have to become an Obama supporter. If Presidents are gonna get all credit and all the blame for things that they don’t have control over, then I’m gonna throw Jason Bay in the mix. On day one of Obama’s presidency the Mets got rid of Jason Bay, thats all that matters to me. Its all down hill from here for Barack. Gonna go through another Great Depression and shit but this moment, right here, is the defining moment of his tenure as President as far as I’m concerned.

There’s been a lot of stress and tragedy throughout New York and New Jersey the past week. But it pales in comparison to the years of heartache and pain Jason Bay has caused for this area the past couple years. So its just miraculous to see the Mets begin the relief and recovery effort like this. Breezy Point and the New York Mets – beginning to rebuild throughout their darkest days.

PS – 200% chance Bay puts up 30 and 100 next year. Book it. Take it to the bank. If I was another team I’d give him a one year, $85 million deal. Because you can absolutely book an all star, MVP caliber season from this guy. He’ll probably go hit 25 home runs for the Yankees because thats how life works for Mets fans.

PPS – Santana’s contract is still looming and an albatross, but other than that Sandy has finally cleared the Mets of all their completely poisonous contracts. I don’t care that they had to straight up pay Jason Bay his entire contract just to go away. The Mets finally have a clean slate.