HB Talk – The Mets have yet to meet R.A. Dickey‘s pretty reasonable demands. So R.A. Dickey took his case to the media at the Mets Christmas party thing today. Now the Mets, angered that Dickey used that event to beef about contract things, are taking their case about that to the media:


What is it with the Mets and their goddam Christmas party? You hear more about the Mets Christmas Party than anything else. Maybe if you guys would just shut the fuck up about it, nobody would know what happened. Anna Benson dressed like a slut? Great! Who fucking cares! Just let the 50 people at the party know she’s a slut and keep it moving. No need to make this big news.

Same thing with this RA Dickey story. Using the fucking Christmas party once again to try and spin shit with their players. First things first, RA Dickey is right with his demands and he has a right to say he thought this would get done quicker. Secondly, if the Mets think they are gonna be able to spin this situation and make The Dickpiece look like an asshole, they are sorely mistaken. Everyone loves Dickey. He comes off as the nicest most humble and respectable guy. This ain’t Kris Benson and his whore wife giving him a hand job while kids are running around at the party. I’m sure he spoke his feelings to a few people at the party and the Mets are stupidly trying to use this as leverage.

I got an idea for you guys – cancel your fucking Christmas party. Have a Hanukah party with Fred and Jeff Wilpon spinning the Dreidel rubbing their pennies together. Don’t invite any players and don’t invite any media and let’s avoid yet another Christmas Party debacle with the press