Still the funniest picture ever

I am not jealous of anybody involved in this negotiation. Not the Mets, not DW. This is almost an offer you can’t refuse. $140 over 7 is probably higher than any other team will offer Wright. Which is unbelievably ironic. The Mets are offering top dollar. Did not see that coming.

So if you’re Wright, you’re basically deciding whether you’re OK with pretty much wasting the remaining years of your prime and basically the rest of your career on the Mets. The pitching staff is young and promising, but for the foreseeable future you have pretty much zero hope of being in contention. But DW is a loyal dude. Probably loyal to a fault. He’ll stay with his beloved (for some reason) Mets, and make top dollar. I don’t see how he says no to that. I mean, I know why I would say no to that. I’d be on the phone with a contender or a franchise on the rise in a heartbeat willing to take less money. But I don’t think David can say no to this offer.

On the Mets side, its just completely fucked. I am completely confused as to what type of player Wright is. At times he’s played MVP baseball. At times he’s looked completely pedestrian. He’s the face of the franchise, one of the all time greatest Mets, and pretty much the only established talent they have. I’ve said before, as a big market team, open up the wallet for this guy. Who the fuck else are you gonna spend it on? But I also know in my heart of hearts he’s probably not worth 20 million a year for 7 or 8 years. I think the smartest move here would be to trade him – but how appealing is he at the price of $140 over 7? He’s a confusing player negotiating with a confused franchise. Nobody knows exactly how good he is, and nobody on the Mets knows if they are in rebuilding mode or if the franchise is looking to contend or on the verge of going bankrupt. Messy situation that will most likely end up with DW getting overpaid, the Mets over extending themselves financially, and both parties wallowing in mediocrity for the bulk of the contract.