Wild Things


Black Swan

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Alright so just think of this as voting #1, #2 and #2. Marry = best, fuck = 2nd best, Kill = 3rd best.

Wild Things will always have the top spot for me when it comes to sex scenes in a movie. Denise Richards and her giant fake tits. Neve Campbell back when she was the hotness. Champagne being poured on tits. Its probably better than 90% of the pornos I watch. My life is basically defined as Before Wild Things Threesome and After. Pivotal moment in my life. That gets the #1/Marry vote.

Unfaithful vs Black Swan is a tough one. On the one hand, Diane Lane is such a sexy fuckin slut in Unfaithful it actually makes my dick hurt. On the other hand, Black Swan had an unprecedented lesbian scene between two of the hottest, most well established movie stars today. You never see that shit. I was waiting on the edge of my seat for that shit to hit the internet. Then you throw in some solo masturbation scenes from Natalie Portman and you’re looking at a pretty serious threat for the #2 spot.

I think overall though Unfaithful edges out Black Swan. Diane Lane is just such a whore its unreal. Getting railed all over town. Going to the bathroom on the Metro North to clean herself up with a napkin. The sex in the hallway. Its just downright filthy. So I think I’m going Fuck/#2 with Unfaithful and coming in a VERY respectable third place is Kill/#3 Black Swan. This is like the Silver and Bronze medal being seperated by .000001 seconds