Mike’d Up! He’s ready to go! On the Fan, New York sports radioooo!!!

Its 26-22. So, you go for 2, its 28-26. No no wait. Thats not right. 2…22. Plus. 26. You go for two and its 26-22. I mean 28-22. Then if you went for 1, it would be. 2. 28-27. No 27-22. Point is you don’t go for two there unless you think you need the 2 instead of the 1.

I’m not gonna hate on Mike here. Mike just hops in the booth and says whatever he wants for roughly 6 hours. If Mike wanted to he could take calls on this two point conversion all day from 1-6. He could stumble and mumble about how much 1+1 is and how 4-3 = 1 and he’d still have a billion listeners. He could sit there doing mental math in complete silence even though he’s on the radio. It doesn’t matter. The same way I hop behind my keyboard and blog whatever the fuck I want. I don’t have to listen to what any of you idiot readers want. I run this circus. Only difference between Mike and I is about 2 million dollars annually.

PS – Jersey Sports Fan could kill it with this.