Moose strikes again. I wonder what Moose does when he’s not consuming grotesque amounts of alcohol. Like imagine if he was a brain surgeon or something. If I was ever laying on an operating table and I looked up and saw Dr. Moose it would probably scare me to death.

Anyway, there’s been too many Moose sightings recently to not get this guy back in the ring. I’ve been dragging my feet on planning round 2 of the Truck Bomb contest. I decided I’m gonna narrow the field to 3 people. We’ll have 1 play in round and Moose gets a bye to the Championship. Now all I need is a bar to host it. Tin Lizzie killed it for the inaugural event. Now I need another bar with very little standards who will host the Stool and Moose’s crew of maniacs. Otherwise we’ll just head back to the Tin. Holler at me –