Daily News - A Brooklyn mom’s Facebook page was updated with a photograph of someone hoisting a bottle of champagne – hours after her toddlers were dumped on a streetcorner. Cops were still canvassing Canarsie looking for the mom about 6:15 p.m. on Sunday when the photo of the pink bubbly popped up. It was an odd time for a celebration. Two-year-old Dominae and Diani, 3, were found in front of the Bay View Houses about 2:40 p.m. Police say their mother, Dalisha Adams, abandoned them. The single mom was busted about 11 p.m. – more than four hours after the head-scratching Facebook post. Adams, 26, was awaiting arraignment late Monday on two counts of child endangerment. There was no signs of abuse, although neighbors said Adams often cursed at the kids and gave them a tongue-lashing hours before they were ditched. The girls – bundled in coats and UGG boots and clutching diapers – were left down the street from where their grandmother lives. They were calm but they were just huddled close together,” Officer Centeno said. “They were standing by each other very close. They were, I guess, a little afraid that they were alone.” But the grandmother said she had no idea they were there and found out only from the tots’ story on the front page of the Daily News. “I would have took them,” said the grandma, Bertha Davia. “All she had to do was call.”

There is one set of people in this world I don’t judge and thats parents. Because parents have the worst lives in the whole world. All of them. Every single parent raising pain in the ass kids are battling each other for worst life ever. And the worst part of it all is that if you get a lemon, you can’t get rid of it. Not like they come with a receipt and you can just return them to the Kid Store. So whats the next best thing? A little yard sale. Just leave your kids out there with a handful of extra diapers for someone else to take. Whats that saying? One man’s trash is another man treasure? This is like that except “One woman’s pain in the ass kids is a new set of pain in the ass kids for someone who doesn’t know how much it sucks to have kids yet.” Somebody out there on the east 102nd street in Brooklyn probably wants these little terrors. Consider it a donation. Like when you bring your old clothes to the Salvation Army or leave your old furniture behind when you move out.

And naturally once you unload them you wanna celebrate right? Just like when you finish moving day. You finally finish moving those last couple pieces of furniture and now the nightmare is over. Time to crack a few beers and celebrate your new life. This chick unloaded those two crying anchors and popped a little bubbly with some dude who’s probably gonna have raw dog sex with her afterwards and knock her up again. Like I said I just can’t judge any parents out there until I’ve walked a mile in their shitty, shitty shoes.