Baseball is a funny sport. Basketball, Hockey, and Football- sports where you can impose your physical will upon the opponent- are all about momentum. Yet that same word is thrown around all the time in baseball, where in reality, momentum from one game ends at the start of the next. The Yankees went into game 4 feeling great from Raul’s heroics the night before, but how useful did that prove to be when Joe Saunders came out hitting his spots? Show of hands- who had both the Yankees and the Athletics losing after the miracles they pulled off the night before? Exactly. We all fall into the trap of believing it’s there, when realistically, we’re grasping at air.

So with that in mind, last night’s loss was a huge fucking buzz kill after Raul’s magic in game 3, but when CC takes the mound today at 5, it means virtually nothing. Feinsand’s infuriating “The Yankees lose!” tweets mean shit. The smugness of the TBS announcers, who I’m pretty sure are just gonna say fuck it and come out in Orioles uniforms tonight, trying to choke back their excitement for Machado while silently bumping fists in the press box has no bearing on tonight. CC has been lights out for the last month and there’s no way he’s letting the season end in front of the home crowd. That big fucking teddy bear is gonna take the ball and cap this series dominated by pitching with a strong performance. Move one runner over one time and the Yankees have the edge in tonight’s elimination game. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be spending the next 7 hours parakeet diarrheaing all over the walls as my stomach can’t handle the nervous anticipation of another underachieving postseason.