TMZMr. Belding is a trash-talking … stomach-kicking … stone cold stunning PRO WRESTLER … and TMZ has the video to prove it.  It all went down at an event in Jersey … where 61-year-old Dennis Haskins was serving as host and guest enforcer for a Pro Wrestling Syndicate event called “Saved By the Ring Bell.”  Belding not only whooped some ass … he dragged his victim all around the ring and taunted him mercilessly … while a masked man in a pink unitard egged him on.  Slater would be proud.

Mr. fucking Belding. One of the smartest dudes in television history. When you get a role like Mr. Belding, you can do one of two things for the rest of your life – spend the rest of your career trying to break that type cast and prove that you’re more than just your one role – or – embrace the fucking shit out of the fact that you are a beloved cult classic hero. Sure, you may never land that Oscar winning role you envisioned when you were a student at Julliard. You may never land that TV drama that wins you the Emmy. But you spend your entire life getting hired by fraternities to referee their KY Jelly matches. You spend your entire life making appearances at parties as the guest of honor. Live out your days in Cancun doing shots with half naked coeds who watched your show. Probably end up banging some chicks 20 years younger than you because they wanna get punished by Mr. Belding.

And the icing on the cake, you get invited to drop Stone Cold Stunners on people at independent wrestling events in New Jersey. To me the choice is a no brainer. Dennis Haskins died 20 years ago. You can either embrace Mr. Richard Belding and live like a God or be a nobody doing Lifetime movies until you die.

PS – Mr. Belding and Shooter McGavin would be the greatest washed up cult classic pro wrestling tag team of all time:

Just kicking ass in the ring and cleaning up as much early-to-mid 90s pussy as you can imagine.