I don’t get people like the dude who filmed this.  I mean he obviously knew he had something here.  Mr. Softee Man and Softy Cream Man fighting over a parking space.  Crowd gathering.  Softy Cream getting out of the truck hurling racial epithets.  Guy had about 5 minutes to set for this shit and this is the best he could do?  Come on dude!  Everyone knows that Mr. Softee goes fucking berzerk when the Generic Softy Cream truck takes his spot near Columbus Circle!   Maybe you just got to be a blogger?  Have that killer blogger viral video mentality?  Like if that were me I’d be right up next to Mr. Softee getting his face smushed in in HD.    Or at the very least use the fucking zoom feature.   Make sure the lighting was good, get the crowd reaction, interview the fighters after.  Slap the Barstool tag on it and boom it’s ready to go.  Nope not BlackReporter who hid behind a chick and put his fat hand over the lens.  Killer work Geraldo.

PS – Wait a second who stole the Mr. Softee truck?  Somebody just drove off with that thing at the end right?