This is it.  Tonight’s the night.  Game 7.  Winner moves on, loser plays golf.  Hard work and hustle will be the difference between the clean slate of a new series and a completely tarnished season.  I hope the Rangers players are handling the pressure better than I am because this not-knowing-how-it’ll-end limbo’s turned me into a useless human being.  Forget today’s TPS reports.  I’m planning on spending the whole day curled up in the fetal position underneath my desk muttering about memories from ’94.  “I don’t know what’s wrong with him, Bob.  He hasn’t moved in hours and just keeps whispering the word ‘Matteau’ over and over again…”

The Rangers may be the first seed, but the Senators are 4-1 at the Garden this year and goalie Craig Anderson is 8-1 lifetime at the World’s Most Famous Arena.  So much for home ice advantage.  Ottawa was always going to be a bad matchup for the Blueshirts; their transitional speed works against New York’s preference for physicality and suffocating defense.  But if Henrik Lundqvist stands on his head and the Rangers’ top two lines click offensively then we have a good chance of winning this one.  The key will be coming out and playing with extreme passion right off the bat.  Hit every Senator who touches the puck.  Give them less time to think out there.  Force them into bad passes out of their defensive zone and pounce on every mistake they make.  An early lead is ideal, but not essential given these playoffs’ penchant for comebacks.  Let’s just make sure we’re winning when the final buzzer blows.  And for fuck’s sake, Rangers, no overtime!

Good luck and hockey gods’ speed, fellow Blueshirt faithful.  Whether you’re going to the game, watching at a crowded bar or locking yourself in the basement away from all the sharp objects for solitary spectating confinement, may your Game 7 experience be filled with favorable bounces and Rangers goal songs.  Oh lord, I need a drink… @Osgood_StoolNYC