NY Post – Disgraced Giant legend Lawrence Taylor admitted yesterday that he doesn’t mind paying for female companionship — because he’s lost a few steps off his game. “I know I’m 50-something years old,” LT testified in Manhattan federal court, where he’s being sued for allegedly forcing himself on an unwilling, underage girl-for-hire. “I still like the chase, but I like to stack the deck a little in my favor,” said Taylor, 53. “I like to enjoy somebody’s company, but I don’t want to work too hard,”he added. The Pro Football Hall of Famer also said he couldn’t help himself when a 16-year-girl awoke him in a Rockland County hotel room, claiming to be 19. aylor said bedding Cristina Fierro “was one of my options” after a friend who’d sent him numerous prostitutes in the past arranged the early-morning visit. “After seeing her and looking at her — and I thought she was cute — that didn’t seem to be a bad option,” Taylor said. “At the time, she was too sexy, yes.” Fierro’s lawyers called Taylor to the witness stand on the second day of a civil trial at which she’s accusing Taylor of forcing himself on her during their May 6, 2010, encounter. Taylor’s testimony included a lengthy and graphic discussion of his attempt to perform oral sex on Fierro, with LT saying: “I went as far as she would let me go, until she said, ‘No.’ “Which I didn’t have a problem with, simply because a lot of island girls don’t like that,” he added, after noting that Fierro told him she was Dominican. He also admitted that when he later had sex with Fierro, she complained that he was too big. Lawyer Nathan Goldberg, a partner of famed feminist attorney Gloria Allred, confronted Taylor with several passages from his 2003 memoir, “LT: Over the Edge,” including his admitted “prodigious appetite for sex” and the boast that he kept “dial-a-bitch” on his speed-dial.

And the truth shall set you free! Sometimes honesty really is the best policy. Because I’d be shocked if LT doesn’t get off the hook in this case after that heartfelt explanation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone spin prostitution in such a harmless, positive light as LT did here “I still like the chase, but I like to stack the deck a little in my favor.” Like I still want to woo her and romance her but I want to make sure she’s financially and contractually obligated to fuck me in case I can’t quite seal the deal. Wheres the harm in that? Especially considering he tried to go down on her. Everyone knows if you go down on a chick its not prostitution. That negates the criminal aspect and just becomes a pleasant sexual encounter for everyone involved with the extra bonus of money for one party. Its not his fault she’s an island girl and doesn’t like guys going down on her.

Look bottom line is LT is 53. He was a destructive force on the football field and inside of women’s vaginas. But he’s an old man now. He doesn’t wanna work too hard, but he’s willing to go down on chicks. Island girls just want to have sex, but his dick is still too massive. These are challenges a washed up star faces, and challenges that can easily be overcome by paying a little money. Its a perfectly natural and logical solution to sexual obstacles. If that makes Lawrence Taylor a criminal then we need to take a long hard look at the Justice System.