Doesn’t get better than these two right here. The Dancing Asians and the hood celebrate their W. Everyone in America is happy! Except for all the middle class white people. But thats not what America is about anyway, right!

The Dancing Asians remind me of when you get thrown into the middle of a circle on the dance floor at a wedding or something. You know the spotlight is on you so you bust out your go to dance move. Except that only lasts like 4 seconds so you just keep repeating it over and over because you got nothing else. So you just smile awkwardly and keep doing your bread and butter hoping someone else takes over soon. Most awkward moments of a person’s life can come when they choke in the middle of a dance circle.

And as for PeachieSuze and LustGawd – they were the same page I was on yesterday thinking about Election Victory Sex. I’m actually pretty upset with myself for not using the terms “Chelle waters” and “bussing Michelle ass” but what can you do? Just perfectly summing up the Obama victory.

I tried to get some videos and screenshots of average white people reacting to Obama’s win but they’re all in the process of moving to Canada.