June 7th –   Myrtle Beach House of Blues (Tickets on Sale NOW)

June 23rd –Myrtle Beach House of Blues (Tickets on Sale NOW)

You know what the best part about summer time Blackouts are? If you’re a college kid with some bullshit summer job you can just plan a weekend trip down to Myrtle Beach and get fuckin weird with the Barstool Dream Team. You’re gonna be hitting the beach somewhere, might as well make it Myrtle Beach when the Blackout Tour rolls through. Keep in mind that out of like 50-something Blackouts this year Feiltelberg said Myrtle Beach was the number one stop on the tour this year. Also bear in mind theres only a handful of Blackouts throughout the whole summer so each and every one is gonna bang that much harder. Round 2 – Myrtle Beach. Get involved.

PS – There’s always smokeshows making out and people hooking up with each other all over the dance floor but its shit like this that makes the Blackout Tour special: