Spend your entire life traveling the world, partying with celebrities and professional athletes. You’re basically a rock star except instead of playing the guitar you wear white gloves and play Secret Service to a big 4 foot tall bowl. Basically you’re only responsibility is to make sure nobody shits inside the Cup. I think. I’m not sure of the rules – I bet if you’re on the winning team you could dump in that thing.

This dude Mike Bolt has been one of the Keepers for 13 years. You know how much pussy you could get traveling the world with the most famous piece of hardware and champion hockey players for over a decade? Its like being a wingman for a new team every year. I mean its almost a new cast of characters who win the Stanley Cup every year – but if you’re one of the Keepers you’re a winner every season. Just you and the Cup. Picking up bitches all around the world. 2 man wrecking crew comprised of a nerd in white gloves and an inanimate bowl getting more ass than anyone over the past 13 years.