NYDNAmerican female athletes have won the majority of U.S. medals during the London Olympic Games, but NBC is apparently most impressed with their bodies – especially when scantily clad. The network was taking fresh criticism Friday after releasing a video called “Bodies in Motion,” a slowed-down montage of female athletes set to what Jezebel describes as “soft core porn” music. All the athletes in the video compete in sports that require little clothing, and the camera angles chosen for the video seem especially fond of the ladies’ midriffs, décolletage and, of course, posteriors. There’s also a lot of non-motion shots, capturing athletes bouncing ponytails or teammate hugs after a big play. The video gives absolutely no context for the event or athlete and many sports are not represented, including judo, presumably because those “bodies in motion” are covered in clothing.

Listen at the end of the day if you put a creepy guitar riff to footage of just about anything people are gonna say its like a porno. You could show a video of me cleaning out my ears with q-tips and if theres a Bow Chicka Wow Wow in the background chicks would probably start fingering themselves on the spot. Now thats partly because I’m sexy no matter what, but partly because that music just makes people automatically think sex. If this video played Eye of the Tiger nobody would have said a word. Its absolutely harmless. But you show runners and volleyball chicks with wedgies and play a little porn groove and dicks are gonna get hard and chicks are gonna cry about it.

PS – Judo wasn’t included in this video because judo fucking sucks.