AZ FamilyThere’s a gorgeous 7,500-square-foot home on a corner lot in Paradise Valley that’s attracting a lot of attention. Cherr Monroe once worked inside the mansion for ”It’s a webcam house,” Monroe said. Monroe’s in a labor dispute with the company over money, something the owner of the website said he’s trying to solve. The former employee is now sharing exclusive details about what goes on in the house. When asked what Monroe saw during business hours she said, “Just guys pleasuring themselves. They would walk around naked. That’s kind of part of the daily show.” A homeowner in the area sent out a letter to neighbors last week. The writer encouraged people to get in touch with council members if they were concerned about what they called a “pornography house.” The owner of, John Marsh, told 3TV over the phone he’s not doing anything illegal. Lee Morris lives near the home and said he paid a lot to live in a quiet neighborhood. He also said this activity “should not be tolerated.” Other neighbors don’t seem to care. The owner of the site said his business actually helps out the neighborhood. ”We have really saved that house from foreclosure,” Marsh said. “We’ve been taking very good care of it.” According to Mayor Scott LeMarr, the business owner wasn’t doing anything illegal.

First of all, I’m absolutely shocked this old guy…

…in his SEAL TEAM hat didn’t drop a “faggot” or “queer” with a mic in his face when asked about a bunch of naked dudes sword-fighting in the halls & shooting ropes on cam in a house down the road. Second, he’s a spitting image of KFC when he’s 70.

Anyway, this story brings up an age old question – would you spank it on cam for money? The answer for me is absolutely, but there’s a few stipulations besides not living in what’s essentially a 7500 sq. ft. jizz bucket, bumping ball sacks with my co-workers. First, I’d actually need a bigger dong. I mean it holds up well when paired with most vaginas, but my hands are tremendous. I can’t imagine I’d be raking in the per-minute dough if it looks like I’m just rolling imaginary dice. Second, obviously, it’s gotta be from the neck down. Outside of maintaining anonymity, knowing there’s some creepy guy on the other end rubbing one out with me is a little easier of a pill to swallow if I don’t have to worry about cam-to-cam eye contact. Other than that, though, I’m in. My mom always told me when growing up to find something I’m good at & get paid to do it. Well, I tug it on the regular and have a 100% success rate, so if the option presented itself with the caveats I noted, sign me the fuck up. So, Stoolies? If knuckle children for an audience in the comfort of your own home pulled in enough to make a living, would you do it?

Vote 1 for “no way, homo” or 10 for “pass me the lotion”:

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