NY PostA new app that debuted yesterday allows users to hail yellow taxis with their smartphones, a high-tech solution to the age-old problem of finding a cab. ZabKab — available for Apple and Android users — uses GPS technology to help users find cabs within five blocks of their location. Once the user opens the app and presses the “hail” button, the app pings the nearby cabbies. That ping alerts drivers to look at their phones, where a map will show the customer’s location. The off-duty light stays on until the passenger hops in, and drivers aren’t obligated to pick up the person who put out the hail. And those who use the app are free to take whatever cab comes along first, whether or not they digitally hailed it. If a driver isn’t accepting fares, he can switch to “off-duty” mode and the system will know that he isn’t available. The app costs nothing for passengers, but drivers pay between $9.95 and $14.95 for their software. More than 1,000 cabbies — of the city’s roughly 52,000 — have already downloaded it, according to ZabKab. It remains to be seen if riders, accustomed to the old-fashioned method of frantic arm flailing, will embrace the new technology.

Well I’ve never been so sure that something is going to fail than I am with this app. Literally a 0% chance this works out. Gay marriage will be legal and we’ll see peace in the Middle East before we ever see the day that cab drivers and passengers work cooperatively. Its just not the way the system works. I mean you really think a cab driver is gonna take the time to interrupt his 18 consecutive hour phone call to Bahrain to check his ap and make sure he swoops in and picks you up? For sure not. Dude is too busy mumbling in Muslim listening to Al Jazeera radio to see where you’re “pinging” him from.

I mean I guess it can’t hurt. Might as well ping your location while you stand there with your hand out and see who gets their first. But personally I’m an old fashioned guy. Like you know how some people still enjoying buying the hard cover book instead of reading on a Nook or a Kindle? Thats like me with the cab drivers. I want to stand there with my arm out while 55 off duty cabs zoom past me. I want him to roll down his window and question me where I’m going. I want to lie to him to trick him into taking my fare. Then I want him to tell me that the credit card machine is “broken” so that we get in an argument and I storm out telling him to fuck himself. Its just what I’m used to. I’m averse to change.