I’m not gonna sit here and bash this trash bag chick for making jokes about someone’s brother who died this weekend. As someone who pushes the envelope with humor, that would be hypocritical. Obviously it wasn’t funny but as a Barstool blogger I can’t get on her for saying offensive shit.

But what I can do is make fun of her for being the girl that everyone hates. She’s the chick who 1) Pretends to be a die hard sports fan and 2) Tries to be funny. Those are absolutely the two worst traits a girl can have, aside from being fat. Girls are not funny and they’re not real sports fans. Period. Any time they try to pretend they are, bad shit happens. You can enjoy the game at the bar with everyone else, just don’t try to pretend you think sports are as important as us guys do. And make all the jokes you want in your head, but keep them to yourself. Because I guarantee they’re not funny. God gave you the power of the pussy in exchange for humor. Probably a solid trade off. Just recognize it and act accordingly.

PS – I don’t know who’s worse – the scumbag making fun of a guy who’s brother just died, or the fucking loser emailing her bosses trying to get her fired. Give me a fucking break. Unless you’re actually Torrey Smith you can’t possibly care that much about a trashy Twitter joke.