The second season of Homeland premieres September 30th, but I’m writing this now to make sure people know about this show and catch up on season 1 before then. The amount of people who didn’t know about Breaking Bad 4 seasons into the series was astounding, so I’m sure there’s double the amount of people that don’t know about Homeland after only one.  For those who don’t know, its about an American prisoner of war who’s turned on America and joined Al Qaeda.  Only one CIA operative, who’s schizophrenic and batshit crazy, has been tipped off that an American POW has turned. She’s gotta go rogue to try and catch him.

Right now, behind Breaking Bad, I’d say Homeland is the second best show on television. Even being only 1 season deep, this shit was straight up addicting. I banged out 12 episodes in like two days in the winter. A fuckin roller coaster of plot twists. All sorts of conflicting emotions. You find yourself sympathizing with villains, hating the good guys. Just some real edge of your seat, mind fuck stuff. I felt schizophrenic myself by the end of the first season.

So this is your official warning – get in on this show. I’ve never steered anyone wrong with TV shows. Its what I do. I drink and watch TV.  Make sure you’re caught up by September 30. Don’t wanna be the ass clown who doesn’t watch the best new show on TV.

PS – Don’t let Claire Danes dissuade you. I always thought she was kind of a crazy annoying bitch but thats what her character is so she knocks it out of the park. Straight up lunatic on this show.